Elizabeth Hurley and Son Damian Shared Their Thoughts on Directing Her Racy Sex Scenes in ‘Strictly Confidential’


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Elizabeth Hurley and her Son Damian opened up about the risqué scenes in the upcoming film, Strictly Confidential. This film where Elizabeth plays the protagonist marked Damian’s directorial debut. The story revolves around a mother named Lily played by Hurley who brings her late daughter, Rebecca’s, friends together as they all mourn her death. However, things take some unexpected turns after they actually start to believe the incident is more than a suicide. In a recent interaction with Entertainment Tonight the mother-son duo talked about the upcoming movie in detail. Let’s check out the complete details of this story. 

Elizabeth Hurley and her Damian shared an insight on this upcoming movie 

Damian tells his mother about the film’s inspiration, “I first came up with this idea when I was 17 after I lost a very close friend of mine to suicide, which was a really devastating time, It was the first loss that me and most of my friends had ever known and the world fell apart and COVID happened and that idea got tucked into a little drawer. I made a short film over lockdown, which one of the head executives at Lionsgate saw and I got a call out of the blue saying that they wanted me to write and direct a feature for them, which is insane to hear.”

Later on, he reflected how the death of her biological father by suicide and the death of Elizabeth’s ex-fiancé, Shane Warne create immense amount of grief in his mind which he depicts on this movie. “In the interim, since I first came up with the idea, I’d lost my biological father to suicide, your former fiancé and my former stepfather had also died and I’d gone through quite a lot of loss, quite a lot of grief and I’d really grown up,” he says. “I just suddenly found that old idea stashed away in a drawer that I’d come up with when I was 17, and I thought I could make something with this. So I sat down, started to write and Strictly Confidential was born.”

As for casting his mother Damian shares, “You were my first choice, You made me a promise when I was eight years old and I was making my little short films, running around with a camcorder and torturing every lone suffering family member or friend I could get my hands on. You promised me that if I ever made a real movie, you would be in it and so I thought I’d call you on your promise, and you delivered.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth said to her son, “I promised you that I’d be in your first film, so I was always gonna be in it anyway. But I think you gave me a lot to do in this. I was always a supporting character. Your leads in Strictly Confidential also are 25 and under, but this was the best part that could’ve come from somebody of my age who’s a generation older than the kids in the film. I had great things to do and I wasn’t just doing mommy stuff. I had a great part, so you really pulled it off in that one.”

Moreover, talking about the steamy scenes Elizabeth had with one of Rebecca’s friends, the debutant said, “We just didn’t have time, Shooting an independent film, every second counts, every minute matters. All that’s going on in your mind is, ‘Oh my god, how are we gonna make the day? We’re losing the light. There are mosquitos dive bombing, cicadas ruining all the sound takes.’ I think that scene was one of seven we shot that day. It was the last thing on my mind. We just had to get the scene, make it beautiful, and get on to the next 12 scenes that day.”

As for the 58-year-old, “What goes on between me and the actress, which people are making a fuss about, was so integral to the story, It was important. There’s nothing gratuitous. I guess it’s just for me. I’ve just been myself, I can’t help it if people view it that way.”

Strictly Confidential is running in theatres from April 5. 

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