Fitness myths that can ruin your fitness goals


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Some people are not aware of the reality behind certain fitness myths that may often cause difficulty in achieving fitness goals.

For instance, numerous fitness enthusiasts often end up consuming more sugar than required which can root unhealthy consequences.

Hence, it is important to be aware of the facts.

Fitness myths and facts

Here are some fitness myths that everyone should be aware of:

Myth 1: If it’s not making you bulky, it’s useless


Having clarity about fitness goals is important but knowing the common and necessary goals of any fitness routine is also important.

Your main focus should be on acquiring a fit, healthy, and active body. Whereas, toning and bulking up the body should be a secondary step.

Leaving the fitness routine because it is not bulking you up will only harm your body in the future.

Myth 2: More is better


Definitely not true!

In a workout, being consistent is everything. It holds more value than the time you spend on your workout each day.

If you believe in this myth, you will harm your body more. This is because doing workouts continuously can lead to injuries, fatigue, and painful situations.

Myth 3: Effective workout is only possible in the morning 


Frankly, there is no ideal time for the workout. However, most people prefer mornings for the workout.

Mornings are usually a more feasible time to work out for people who get caught up in working during the day.

Still, this does not mean mornings are more effective to get better results. You can do your workout anytime but make sure to be consistent.

Myth 4: Warm-up is unnecessary 


Myths regarding warm-ups are very common. People believe it is an unnecessary step in the workout routine.

But this false information can be misleading and can not only lead to an inefficient workout session but can also cause damage to the body.

Warm-ups can help the body prepare for a period of dynamic physical exertion. Removal of the same can put the body at risk of sustaining severe injuries.

Myth 5: Weight training is not for women and people over 60


It is a common myth that women cannot go for weight training exercises.

This myth sounds sexist but is not true.

People, regardless of their gender and age, can take up weight training as an integral part of their workout routines



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