Halle Bailey Opens Up About Being Young and in Love With Boyfriend DDG


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Our little mermaid has found her Eric. At the launch of the Pandora’s Lab Grown Diamond District for New York Fashion Week Halle Bailey opened up about her youth and her deep love for her boyfriend DDG in conversation with Entertainment Tonight. Despite keeping her relationship low-key The Little Mermaid star doesn’t lose the opportunity to appreciate her partner Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., aka DDG. 

The pair first sparked romance rumours in January 2022 and also confirmed their relationship two months later. Moreover, the couple also publicly praised one another on numerous occasions and also shared lovey-dovey videos on social media. Apart from that, their break-up rumors have been speculated various times on showbiz since the rapper seemingly shamed Bailey over “kissing” and “holding hands” with a co-star while filming. 

However, the actress doesn’t let public opinion affect her bond with the rapper. Let’s look into the details of this story.

Halle said DDG makes her happy a lot 

Source: Yahoo

The 23-year-old said of the 25-year-old that, “there’s lots of things [about DDG] that make me so happy.”

“I think what’s really cool about love and being young is that you could just live and have a good time,” she added. “But, my personal life is something I keep sacred.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview for Cosmopolitan’s STYLE issue, the actress made a similar statement regarding her relationship revealing it’s more than just puppy love for her.

“All musical inspiration really just comes from life experiences. Love has been a really big one for me too, because that’s something I’m experiencing for the first time, and it’s, like, ‘whoa’ in your brain. It’s just fireworks, a spark for creativity. You know, you have puppy love experiences, you think that’s love. But this is my first deep, deep, real love,” she confessed to the outlet.

Later on, Bailey opened up about her way of ignoring people’s opinions about her relationship,”I just live my life the way I want to live it and turn off my phone if I don’t like what people are saying online.But I also do think what I’m going through as a young woman right now, it’s really good fuel for me creatively. So I focus on putting whatever life experience I’m going through in the art that I’m creating.”

On top of that, at the May cover story for Glamour, she also revealed her way of embracing adulthood while being a part of this industry. “Mentally, sometimes it’s really difficult being in this industry,” she tells the magazine, “knowing that there are so many opinions [about] you and what you’re doing, or what you should be or what you could be doing better. People sometimes put you on this pedestal. They forget that you’re a real human being. They forget that you have feelings, that you cry.”

“It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being this young girl, still being this innocent, untouchable thing,” Bailey added. “I appreciate that as I venture into adulthood, I’m able to make my own decisions.” 

“For my peace and my sanity, I have to keep that private,” she adds. 

Previously, in February the couple’s relationship again became the talk of the town during a social media drama between DDG and his ex-girlfriend, Rubi Rose. Things become quite heated after Rose shared in now-deleted tweets the screenshot of DMs accusing DDG of cheating on Bailey. Since the DM shows DDG is asking Rose to meet him behind the actress’s back.

However, the rapper claimed the screenshot wasn’t real, and also mocked his ex by calling her “a wannabe Ice Spice.” In which Bailey chimed in, writing “[The] devil is working. lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party. stay blessed everyone.”

Nonetheless, despite facing some downfalls the duo seems not bothered about others’ opinions since they spotted spending quality time in Paris.

Halle and DDG attended Beyoncé’s three-night run in Los Angeles together

Source: Yahoo

The Color Purple star also attended the final show of Beyoncé’s three-night run at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium over the long Labor Day weekend. 

Talking about the concert the actress said, “I had to go see it again,” Bailey said, “It was so amazing. Everyone in Hollywood was there!”

In addition, Bailey attended another concert with DDG and also shared a TikTok of their night out praising Beyoncé’s ability to put on a show, “She is truly an alien superstar. We love her so much, she’s been everything to us.”

Apart from Bailey many other celebs like Kardashian-Jenners, Lizzo, Adele, Zendaya, Tom Holland, Chris Rock, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, and Vanessa Bryant, as well as Kelly Rowland, show their support for the three-night run in LA.

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