Here’s how Koray Akbiyik is changing the global scenario for dietary supplements- and how you can benefit from it:


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Quality over quantity. This is the proverb which applies best to Koray Akbiyik, the proud founder and owner of BPS Pharma. Launched in 2018 and presently operating in Europe and the USA, BPS Pharma (Best Pharma Supplements) is adietary supplement brand that provides pathways to reaching goals not possible before. The main objective behind the launch of BPS Pharma was to create a pill that provides what it promises, and to promote longevity and better bodily functioning even for those who have already begun their aging process.

There are several brands which are already making dietary supplements, and brand loyalty leaves little space for competition. So, what about BPS Pharma makes it such a viable experience, and one that almost everyone wants to try?The answer is simple when we consider the thought and effort put into creating all the products available. Take for example, one of their bestsellers known as apple. The purpose and intent behind the creation of apple is easy to understand- as per the labelling, it is not for those who take their physical health lightly and are ready to put anything into their bodies as food. Yet, even while being a heavy-duty dietary supplement, it does not fail to put on an approachable and user-friendly look with the addition of the logo in the shape of a mouse. It comes as no surprise that apple is a customer favourite and a trusted product all across the globe.

Now, Koray Akbiyik is coming up with possibly revolutionary science in the fields of long-term health and sustainability in a previously unexplored arena of “biohacking”, where signs of aging such as worsening eyesight, loss of muscle mass, bad dental health, memory loss, can be stopped and even reversed. All this is possible because of peptides, a seemingly simple compound, which has thus been overlooked by major pharmaceuticals, but can help humans reap complex benefits. Indeed, ahead of its times, BPS Pharma has gone through rigorous research and development processes to create their new product, a peptide patch containing BPC157.

He Will ‘Determine the Rest of His Life’ with a ‘Very Major Operation,’ Ozzy Osbourne says.

Koray Akbiyik has come a long way, starting out his working life as a graffiti artist, and now making a living as a nutrition coach, personal trainer and overall fitness enthusiast. Supplements helped figure out life for him, so why don’t you give them a try and see what benefits are in store for you!


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