How Faison McKinnis turned his life around as a day trading expert


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Growing up in Chicago, Faison McKinnis comes from the type of neighbourhood known as “the hoods” which have a reputation for being not conducive to improvement, whether it be personal or professional. In his formative years, McKinnis was well aware of the fact that trying to escape from the clutches of such a stifling environment would only come from success as a footballer, a basketball player or a rapper. Although McKinnis wasn’t ready to pursue either of these three options for the rest of his life, he was unaware of any other options and didn’t have the necessary connections to guide him. Upon moving to Texas, McKinnis took up football. Even though he played for only a year, McKinnis had already catapulted that time and effort into reaching as high up as possible, earning himself a full-ride D1 scholarship, and the title of the only college athlete from his high school.

It was in this new phase of his life as a college-goer that Faison McKinnis was exposed to a plethora of ideas and opportunities. It soon became apparent to him that finishing college was not the end goal he sought in life, but the ability to pursue a financially secure future and enjoy himself while doing it. Many of his friends had already taken up this lifestyle and with the promise of a 6 to 7 figure income, redirected his focus on completing his college degree towards the stock market. The rationale behind this decision is exceedingly simple. After all, is there anyone who is still unaware of the great scope the stock market and trading in general, possesses?

While the beginning was rocky, it was only expected to be the same and McKinnis soon learnt all the tips and tricks necessary to become a top-notch trader. In Faison McKinnis’s words, being a day trader can be many things, but most importantly it shows a person who has both the desire to work hard and the know-how to make the most out of his time. McKinnis remembers his day trading journey to have started exactly on the 5th of May, 2020. With his relative success, he was exposed to the finer things in life, such as fast cars. Car influencers such as Omi In A Hellcat, and Savage Garage further nurtured this passion, as McKinnis realised that he had a similar lifestyle and had come from a similar background as them. As of the first of February, this year, McKinnis has also built an identity for himself as a YouTuber under the name of Big_Werm and has amassed a substantial following.

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In the future, Faison McKinnis can be expected to run an exotic automobiles rental company, and he also has plans of starting mentoring courses on playing the big leagues of day trading. Of course, YouTube will play a big role in all of this, so make sure to follow Big_Werm there!


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