How Toray Kortan is causing huge losses to cryptotraders who have signed up with him.


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Portraying himself as an experienced financial advisor seen on multiple forex and crypto education platforms, he has done enough damage to investors money.

The world of investment and trading needs a lot of study and hands-on experience, but many don’t want to go through the grind and rely upon the so-called expert financial advisors who guide them on investing or trading the right way. Unfortunately, many of such gullible traders fall flat on their faces as these advisors don’t assure any foolproof methods and one is bound to face losses going ahead, which would make them end up emptying their bank balances. The same happened to one of Toray Kortan’s client who wants to share his ordeal on condition of anonymity.

He came across Toray Kirtan on Cryptonary, where he was informing the community about founding his company, which later turned out to be a big lie. He went ahead to form CryptoWZRD, which downed shutters shortly after fleecing money from investors, and then later formed InnovationMarkets with the same modus operandi. Customers were approached by him through his Instagram profile @torayk, where he informed them about running a cryptocurrency hedge fund that had 20 million pounds. Furthermore, he promised guaranteed returns of 15% a month, with a 10% maximum drawdown. Majority of people would abstain from falling into such scams, but he had screenshots of his conversations with clients which were most probably photoshopped to prove the authenticity of his business.

Getting convinced, he and his friend handed over £20,000 to Toray via his Coinbase account to start the investment process getting assurance from him that the funds would be invested in the safest channels which carried no risk, further informing them that this particular crypto (XRP) is backed by banks. Soon after, he started ignoring their messages and was not replying to their messages, getting reply once in a while that their money was safe. Sensing something fishy, they started keeping a track on Toray, furthering their investigation by contacting his other followers on social media platforms, only to realize that many more were sailing in the same boat as us. Those who opened up on his social media accounts were either blocked or removed by him, which further confirmed about his intentions which were definitely not on the right track.

There are a total of 20+ investors who have lost a combined £630,000 by trusting him, and now they want his ways to come out in the open through this piece of information as many more gullible investors would be saved of their hard-earned money. There are plans to approach the FCA and Trading Standards with proof to get their investments back.


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