Jason Derulo, well known for his hit song “Jalebi Baby,” says he wants to listen to Punjabi music again.


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For American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo, the importance of a good song is all that counts. After the success of his single “Jalebi Baby,” Derulo says he would want to dance to Punjabi music again.

‘Jalebi Baby,’ the artist’s original song, was remixed by Tesher, a Canadian singer of Indian ethnicity, in 2020.

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In addition to the cultural link, collaborating with Tesher made the song “more relatable,” according to Derulo. After his December 2021 trip to India, the singer said he would return to the country shortly.

In a Zoom interview from Los Angeles, the singer, who has joined the current season of ‘Tuborg Open’ as a coach, said: “It’s great when cultures can come together and produce something unique.”

Jason Derulo had a lot of fun with it and even tried my hand at some Punjabi dance. Because I had so much fun, I want to do it again and again. He also said that he was looking forward to a trip to India shortly since he enjoys Indian cuisine.

An international initiative called “Tuborg Open” allows musicians from all around the globe to collaborate and produce music together as mentors. The program also includes a promising Indian vocalist.

A lot of these artists have a lot of similarities to me. Everyone around you thinks you’re insane if you want something as much as he does. We have a lot in common, even though we’re from different parts of the globe,” the 32-year-old singer added of their shared perspectives and backgrounds.

“From that vantage point, it’s been intriguing. I hope I may be an inspiration and a resource for someone on the path. To help as many people as possible, I will attempt to be as honest and brutally honest as possible when I notice certain things to assist others.”

“Being better than the rest of the world” is a must for Derulo’s long-term success as a musician.


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