Kyle Richards Shares If She Is Saying Goodbye To RHOBH Amid Her Marriage Troubles


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Kyle Richards’s time in the popular reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might have come to an end. The reality star who has been vocal about her marriage troubles throughout the show has finally opened up about what she thinks about returning for season 14 next year of the show. On February 8, in an interview with E-News, the reality star gave a confusing response to this question. Last July Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky got separated after 28 years of marriage. Let’s check out the complete details of the story.

Kyle Richards said she honestly just doesn’t know yet what to do with the show

The 55-year-old told the media house, “Each year I say, ‘I don’t know. Never say never,’ and all that. But, I honestly just don’t know yet. I don’t know where my life is going to be at in a week or two. I don’t know what it’s going to be like when the cameras go up again, where my life is going to be at and what I’m comfortable with.”

 The Halloween Ends actress later on explained, “It feels like everybody wants to know and that they feel they are entitled to every detail of my life because I have been showing my life and sharing my life with everybody for 13 years. It’s not that I’m lying or withholding, I’m figuring it out still.”

Moreover, she even shared the uncertainty going around her and her husband’s relationship, “I don’t have answers,” she revealed. “They think I’m teasing them, dragging it out, I’m going this for ratings. I’m figuring it out right now and we are figuring it out as a couple and I’m figuring out what I need myself. And when I know and we know where our life is going next, you’re gonna know.”

However, despite being apart from each other the couple who shares daughters Farrah, 34, Alexia, 27, Sophia, 23, and Portia, 15 keeping things as amicable as possible.

As Richards shared before to E-news, “We’re not a toxic couple. We live under the same roof in different rooms. We do have other homes. Thank God we’re fortunate in that sense. But even when we are all there, it’s texting in the family chat. ‘What time is everyone gonna be home for dinner?'”

Although they are not  “allowed to do what we want to do. Which is very strange, but I don’t ask.”

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