‘Maamla Legal Hai’ showrunner Sameer Saxena revealed some interesting facts on season 2 of this series 


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‘Maamla Legal Hai’ showrunner Sameer Saxena addressed some interesting facts about season two of the series. After the immense success of the first part, fans have eagerly waited for the second part for a long time which seems to be over soon. In an interview with India Today.In, Saxena dropped some easter from the second season. Although the first installment stars talented actors like Ravi Kishan, Naila Grewal, Nidhi Bisht, and Anant Joshi, there isn’t any confirmation for the recurring or extended cast of season two. Let’s check out what  Sameer has said about the series.

Sameer Saxena said that season 2 will be the continuation of season 1

Saxena told the outlet, “Well, we have just started thinking about season 2. It is going to be a continuation of the story. Tyagi and all the other characters have new responsibilities now. In season 2, we will see how these guys will be carrying these out and how they will face new and quirky cases. It will also explore whether these new cases will change them as a person or will they continue to be the same as they were in season 1. That’s going to be a very interesting way to look at the new season.”

He continues, “The show has got tremendous love and response from the audience, more than we had imagined, and we are overwhelmed. There will be more fun and quirky cases. We hope that the audience will give us the same love, or more love. We are very excited about it, and we hope to give the audience a fantastic season.”

Moreover, Sameer revealed how comedy is a tougher venture in terms of art. He said, “I definitely believe that comedy is the most difficult genre to make. It’s easy to make people cry or fear something, but it’s very difficult to make people laugh, given everyone has their own sense of humour. To appeal to a large audience becomes even more difficult. We got the tone right in the writing and execution.”

“We did not want to go overboard with the jokes, and we did not want to make it so realistic that it doesn’t land. It worked well on paper. We kept that intact in the execution too, because in comedy, it is very easy for actors to go overboard. While shooting, actors might do something in the flow that, on set, might be funny, but later feel too much. So, the tone needs to be in check and that is very important. I guess we got both those things right,” the maker added.

“Satire is a very tricky thing to get right,” he said of the series, “What helped in our case is the fact that, right from the very beginning, we wanted to make a series which will be a light-hearted take about what happens in and around court premises. Our intention was never to make any statement or hurt anyone. We kept that in mind while writing and making the show. That helped us. It also reflects on the love that the show has been getting because no one was offended.”

Despite the overflowing of love, there are also certain sections from where the series gets criticism as well. Talking about it he noted, “The good thing is that we have got only positive criticism. People have talked about certain episodes not being too tight or certain tracks not being that effective. Those are things that we now know that we need to improve on. We will ensure that, in general, we won’t repeat those kinds of mistakes when we do a comedy series.”

On April 4 season two of ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ was announced. For now the filming is underway.

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