Indian-descent Musician Ricky Kej Shared an Inspiration Massage on World Environment Day 


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On the occasion of World Environment Day which is marked on 5th June global music sensation Ricky Kej shared an inspectional on the protection of the environment. Three-time Grammy winner noted how the musician can make a positive impact on the environment by doing eco+friendly shows. In an interview with Times of India, he revealed although some brands are taking initiative on making environment-friendly concerts they still have a long way to go since running an environment-friendly music show is challenging at many levels. Let’s check out what he has said.

Ricky Kej said he believe that greenwashing is far worse than not doing anything at all for the environment

Talking with the outlet the musician noted, “I believe that greenwashing is far worse than not doing anything at all for the environment. Greenwashing makes concertgoers believe that they’re doing something good for the environment when that’s not actually the case.”

Moreover, he pointed out that brands must come out with the plan to make the concerts eco-friendly.

The musician says, “Doing something good for the environment in this case, is not doing the concert at all! That’s because there are flights involved, so there’s carbon footprint, ground transportation, printing of materials, posters, use of generators, batteries and so much more.”

Ricky later on noted, “It is not possible to run even a fraction of a concert with just solar power, not even one tenth is possible. Earlier this year, the concert we did at the Gateway of India, had a huge number of solar panels at the venue. We were able to power only the lighting and a little bit of the sound system during the soundcheck with that, not the rest of the concert.”

As for the ways brands should make an impact, he said, “Bands power batteries with solar energy, and then they power the concert with that because it is held at night. So, obviously the battery will have to travel from city to city and that is also charged. One may as well use diesel which is used in trucks, and the generator that will be powering the concert, right? Bands who claim that their show is eco- friendly, should state facts about how much of the concert is solar powered? How many kilowatts are they getting out of that battery?How are they transporting the battery? What is the overall carbon footprint impact? The carbon footprint left behind during concerts is huge. Once all the calculations are made, you will see that the impact on the environment is much higher in the way that they are trying to do things.”

He concluded the interview saying, “Concerts cannot be environment- friendly because you’re using metal trusses, constructing a stage, people are using fuel and driving their cars to come to the concert. The crew has flown over, and you are using a whole lot of electricity to power your sound, lights, LED screens and 99.9% of the time you’re using a generator.”

Needless to say, his thoughts on making the environment healthy is undoubtedly commendable.

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