Penn Badgley Talked About Filming Gossip Girl Wedding Scene With Ex Blake Lively


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Penn Badgley opened up about filming a wedding scene in Gossip Girl with ex Blake Lively.  The actor dated Lively off-screen as well from 2007 to 2010. In the September 6 episode of Podcrushed SiriusXM podcast, the actor reunited with his on-screen sister on the CW show Taylor Momsen, The actor unveiled a lot of facts. The actor who played Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively’s on-again/off-again boyfriend Dan Humphrey shared his feelings filming a wedding scene with the actress. 

Penn Badgley said he and Blake were exes for nearly half of the run of the entire series

Penn shared, “From my memory, I’m pretty sure we were exes for nearly half of the run of the entire series. It lasted for nearly six years and I don’t think we were together longer than two? Something like that.”

Moreover, he continues, the marriage scene wasn’t difficult.  Although Lively had her actual wedding three months after the filming of the wedding scene. He shared , “We were always very professional.We had to do all kinds of nutso stuff. Having a fake marriage by the end of it…I don’t even think, in my memory, there was not one bit of strangeness. It wasn’t even a thing.”

Later on, the actress said of the cast of the show, “All of us had been in every configuration imaginable. The finale, in a lot of ways, felt a little bit to me like, after such a long time, it was almost an afterthought. It was revealed that I’m Gossip Girl and Dan and Serena get married.”

However, the exes didn’t have any bad blood; they were both happily married. The actor is now married to Domino Kirke meanwhile, Blake tied the knot with Ryan Reynolds. 

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