Rapper Kr$na gave insights on sharing socio-political issues in his music


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Indian hip-hop artist Krishna Kaul aka Kr$na has been rising to fame for his incredible talent and promising music. Despite entering the industry in the mid-twenties the rapper was unrecognizable till the release of  Gully Boy where he also played a small role. The rapper believes after the film the rappers in Indian music have got the platform they deserve. In a recent interview with The Indian Express, he shared an insight on his rap career.

Here are some interesting revelations from Kr$na’s interview 

The rapper said when he was asked about what makes him unique in the rap industry, “I believe what distinguishes me as a rapper is the balance I strike in my music. I bring a unique blend of lyrics and technical aspects of rap, ensuring that it remains relatable to a wide audience. I believe this balance sets me apart, offering a depth of expression without overwhelming listeners with complexity.”

From his songs like ‘Dekh Kaun Aaya Wapas’ and ‘Kaisa Mera Desh’, he highlights the corruption and inequality in the music industry shares his song-making process.

He said of the process, “My songwriting process is quite versatile, influenced by the mood and time. Sometimes, I start with a beat — if it strikes me in a unique way, I start crafting lyrics to complement it. Other times, I may have ideas already jotted down in my notes, whether it’s a punchline or a potential hook. In those cases, I actively search for the right music.”

“Regardless of the approach, personal experiences are at the core of my lyrics, especially in hip hop. I believe that, ultimately, what you write reflects how you feel and what’s happening in your surroundings.” The rapper added. “It’s a genuine expression of the society and conditions that surround us, making it a vital aspect of my creative process.”

The rapper who has collaborated with famous Indian rappers like from Badshah to Raftaar to Ikka he talked about exciting future collaborative projects. “I’ve got some exciting collaborations in the pipeline, although I can’t reveal the details just yet. I’m eager to work with bigger artists, and I’m also exploring opportunities outside of our country. I believe that if I continue on the current path, there’s a lot of potential for growth from this point onwards.” he said. 

Moreover, he also addressed the challenges he faced as a struggling artist in the music industry. “As an artist, navigating the Indian music industry has presented its set of challenges, particularly when compared to its counterparts in the Western and Eastern worlds. One prevalent issue is the persistent challenge of copyright concerns. The existing framework is not foolproof and addressing these issues is crucial for the growth of the industry,” Kr$na shared.

“Moreover, there’s a gap in the protection of artists’ rights and the distribution of royalties.” He continues. “The current system needs optimisation to support artists adequately. In the rapidly evolving landscape, where social media and platforms like YouTube have become essential for artists’ exposure, the traditional dependence on record labels is diminishing. It’s essential for the Indian music industry to adapt and provide essential resources for artists.

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