RM of BTS believes that he has “reached a type of wall” and that he now has to make music “that is eternal.”


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BTS: RM has expressed his desire to create music that is more enduring in nature. He said he feels as if he has “reached a sort of wall” in his life. He also discussed the mixtapes he had released in 2015 and 2018.

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The frontman of BTS, RM, was recently quoted as stating that he believes he has “reached a sort of wall” regarding the kind of music he wants to create both with the band and on his own. In a recent interview, RM indicated that the members of BTS are considering the “kind of messages” they may convey to their fans. In addition, he said that he wants to compose music “to achieve some type of everlastingness.” RM also said he tries to create music that won’t get out of date since he believes that “everything is thrown away after only a few years.”

When RM was asked about his former mixtape, he said that in 2015 he “called out the rapper part of myself I wanted to show off.” RM was referring to his previous work. In 2018, he expressed his “darker, gloomier side that I had been trying to display” by “bringing up my inspirations.” He went on to say that he is optimistic about the year 2022 and that he is thinking that “it could simply be enough to transmit anything while being entirely my true self.”

RM expressed his opinion on the matter in a conversation with the publication Reverse, saying, “I believe I need to try taking a step away from myself for a minute.” I believe that if I accomplish this, I will be able to understand what the job that I am doing right now is and what it means to me. Now I’m anxious about whether or not I’m simply doing the things I’m given and whether or not I’m losing myself in the process. I never intended to live feeling like this, and I want to live an independent and active life. Still, now I’m starting to wonder if I’m living too passively because of the pandemic, and it’s intolerable. I never intended to live feeling this way, and I want to live an independent and active life. This includes how I felt at the Grammys, and I believe I’ve reached a kind of impasse. When I looked at musicians like Lady Gaga and H.E.R., who dedicated their whole life to their music, I had a realization: “We need a message so that we can be sure and impose our image, too.”


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