Taking giant strides across the music industry is an ace music artist, J Carlie.


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Creating waves with his songs and compositions, J Carlie has garnered a special place and name for himself within the music niche in no time. 

Talking about the next gen music sensation John C. popularly known as J Carlie hailing from Los Angeles. The young talent has grown up with only passion of building a sound career in the music realm. The artist is never afraid of failure, has always build an attitude of learning music from each obstacle he faced to reach his desired dream. J Carlie is a self-made artist and gain immense popularity for his multi-music craft. At the age of 25 he is renowned personality of music industry across the globe. His musical journey is truly inspiring and remarkable. 

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J Carlie has shown tremendous growth throughout his career. Today he is popular music producer and for his creativity in the music art of Hip-hop and R&B. J Carlie is currently working with multi–Gammy Producers and multi-Gammy nominated artists and recently released a song with Paper Love named – “Maybe We Are.” His songs are going viral within no time with millions of views which has increased his popularity even on the social domains. His marvelous success resulted in the collaboration with the music personalities like Paper Lovee, Lil Gotit, Lil Xan, Souljaboy. Since then there has been no looking back for the artist and he has been able to cement his place within the American music realm. 

J Carlie has come across a long journey, right from the age of 10 when he started learning guitar, bass and drum. His determination and consistent performance lead him to design his own music design just at the age of 14. Soon he started his own band named – ROBOT CIRCUS. His music skills even got popular among other punk rock bands and they made several music art and design done by J Carlie. His expertise and knowledge in music goes so deep that he started producing music at the age of 15. The young artist has truly set a bench mark of his performance since childhood. 

His mastery and efficiency is increasing each day in the music art and producing the music art that has won the heart of the people and the music industry. Stay tune with the artist for his future endeavors in music, which will definitely create lot of buzz in coming times as well. 


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