WWE Star Gabbi Tuft Lost Opened Up About The Trauma She Faced Before Coming Out As Transgender 


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WWE Star Gabbi Tuft Lost reflected on her journey as a transgender. In a candid interview with E! News she detailed the mental trauma she faced before coming out in 2021. Moreover, she also addressed how the phase affects her a lot in the time and how her wife of more than twenty years, Priscilla Tuft, helped her to cope up with every difficult moment. Let’s check out the complete details of this story.

Gabbi Tuft said she was this big human crying and shaking because she was so nervous to get out of the truck

Talking about her transformation phase she noted being a 6-foot-2 and some 260 pounds of pure, chiseled muscle she was “the alpha male. We have a term in professional wrestling, it’s called grizzled. I was pretty grizzled. Never wore sunscreen, never put lotion on, I’m like, ‘Ah, that’s girl stuff. I don’t need that.'” 

Moreover, she recalled wearing  her stiletto heels, $15 Amazon wig and pandemic-era mask to grab up the courage. As she puts in, “I was petrified. You’re breaking every rule that society has ever beat into you of being a guy. I look at bravery as a soldier on the battlefield. But there’s a different kind of courage to step out and it took a whole hell of a lot of it. I was this big human crying and shaking because I was so nervous to get out of the truck. But I did it. And it was a great, great, great moment.”

However, her wife of more than twenty years, Priscilla Tuft helped her to make every moment possible as she was the one to first note her fraught emotional state. 

“I had become extremely suicidal,” Gabbi continues, “because I felt like there was no possible way that I would ever be able to transition the way I had hoped.”

Moreover, “ I osing her brotherChristopher to suicide left her into dark phase which she has never imagined. “I know the pain it causes a family, I know the torment that person goes through,” she added. “And so my heart was saying, that would never happen. But in the moment, I was feeling that way. It was as if all the life had left my body. I just had no will to live whatsoever.”

However, the 45-year-old felt relieved when her wife Priscilla with whom she shares 12-year-old Mia approached her “and asked me if there was something I wanted to talk to her about, And I was able to tell her that if I couldn’t live my life as a woman, I didn’t want to go on living. And I really believe that the moment she said, ‘Honey, I know. And I love you and we’ll get through this,’ is when everything changed.”

Although the couple has been “in the process of working on a divorce,”  Priscilla was indeed her first cheerleader.

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