According to Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra was a “rock” for the family when Malti was in the hospital.


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In a recent interview, Nick Jonas discussed his life since becoming a parent and why he and Priyanka Chopra chose to post about their daughter’s hospitalization on social media. Nick and Priyanka have a daughter named Alena.

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For the first time since he and Priyanka Chopra brought their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas home from the hospital, Nick Jonas has discussed his daughter’s stay at the facility where she was treated. Malti, whom Nick and Priyanka welcomed into the world through surrogacy, was born prematurely and needed to spend one hundred days in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) before coming home with her parents. This information was revealed in a post that Nick and Priyanka published on Instagram in May.

Nick recently said that he and Priyanka believed it was vital for them to share their story with others, to inform those going through medical issues that they are not alone in their experiences. In addition, he discussed his life following the birth of Malti, which is filled with difficulties daily.

Nick Jonas, speaking with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas for an interview with People magazine, stated, “I believe that what we spoke about on social media was just sort of the sentiment that we had at the time, which was thankfulness to have our daughter home. But also for every individual who had a role in their journey while in the hospital. It enlightens the mind in many different ways. And I believe it was extremely significant for the two of us to communicate that. Also, make sure that people are aware that they are not alone in their experiences, no matter what they are going through, whether it is anything similar to what we went through or diabetes or whatever other difficulties may arise. And I’m thankful to have Pri as a teammate because she’s been a rock throughout this entire process, and she still is.”

Nick also said that he and his brothers had become better versions of themselves because of the ‘great partners’ they have found in their lives. When asked about his experiences since being a parent, Nick answered the following: “Every day is a new adventure, and it brings with it its unique mix of difficulties, opportunities for brilliance, and things that blow your mind along the road. Watching her develop has been a wonderful journey so far, and I’m enjoying the time of my life doing it. I have a profound and maybe mad affection that I am not even sure how to articulate.”


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