In the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, a juror has broken their silence to allege that the actress’s “crocodile tears” and “ice cold” testimony were the reasons she was found guilty.


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A member of the seven-person panel that decided Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit has broken his silence regarding the result and explained why the actress was unsuccessful in her legal battle against her ex-husband. The case has been resolved for many weeks at this point.

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In an interview with ‘Good Morning America,’ a jury member said that Heard’s demonstrative evidence was just not realistic,’ and they also confessed that it made them feel ‘uncomfortable.’

“A significant portion of her account didn’t make sense… The jury’s majority opinion was that she was the one who started the fight. The tears, the facial gestures she was making, and the looking at the jurors all contributed to the impression. “She would reply to one question, and she would be sobbing, then two moments later she would turn ice cold,” the jury stated, pointing out that this made all of us feel extremely uncomfortable. “All of us were quite uncomfortable,” the juror said.

The juror who was asked how the panel received the sentimental testimony responded by saying, “Some of us was using the expression ‘crocodile tears.'” [Cross-Reference:

Another male juror who, on the requested anonymity, another male juror supplied various statements to the news outlet and even recounted that Johnny Depp’s evidence was seen to be more ‘believable.’

“A significant portion of the jurors believed that what he was saying was more plausible after all was said and done. How he responded to queries gave the impression that he was a little more genuine. The juror said that throughout everything, his emotional state remained pretty consistent.

Interestingly, the jury even confessed that the panel considered that “they were harsh towards each other.” Still, Amber’s outrageous accusations without giving any proof led to her losing the case and being forced to pay Depp around $10 million as a settlement.

The jury expressed their opinion: “I don’t believe that makes either of them right or wrong, but to get to the level of what she was alleging, there wasn’t enough evidence that supported what she was saying.”


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