Austin Butler Had to Hire a Dialect Coach to Get Rid of Elvis Presley’s Accent


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Elvis Presley is totally gone from Austin Butler. The actor who mesmerized fans with his strong portrayal of Presley in the 2022 blockbuster Elvis directed by Baz Luhrma has struggled to get rid of the icon’s accent. In a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the actor revealed the difficulties he faced while transforming into the role of his upcoming Apple TV+’s World War II drama Masters of the Air.

Austin said he had a dialect coach just to help me not sound like Elvis

Austin Butler as Elvis (Google)

Butler told Colbert about the struggle of discovering himself, “I had a dialect coach just to help me not sound like Elvis.” 

The actor noted, “I was just trying to remember who I was. I was trying to remember what I liked to do. All I thought about for three years was Elvis. And then I flew to London, and at that time it was COVID, so I was quarantined for 10 days. I thought, ‘Alright, just pour all this energy into learning about World War II.’”

Previously during his promotional tour for Elvis in 2022, the 32-year-old told Entertainment Tonight of Presley’s distinctive southern accent which became a meme material at that point, “At this point, I keep asking people, ‘Is this my voice?’ because this feels like my real … it’s one of those things where certain things trigger it and other times as well it’s, I don’t know When you live with something for two years, and you do nothing else, I think that you can’t help it. It becomes a fiber of your being.”

Later he noted on the 2023 Golden Globe’s red carpet, “I don’t think I sound like him still, but I guess I must because I hear it all the time.”

Butler also won the Best Actor award at the event. Apart from that he also bagged nominations in the Oscar and BAFTA for this spectacular performance.

“I often liken it to when somebody lives in another country for a long time. I had three years where that was my only focus, so I’m sure there’s pieces of him in my DNA and I will always be linked to him,” Butler continues.

Moreover, in The Graham Norton Show last year, he first announced finally “getting rid of the accent.” 

Although his accent is gone, his groundbreaking performance will be forever embedded in our hearts. 

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