Perfect Match’s Francesca Farago opened up about her timing on the show


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Perfect Match’s Francesca Farago recalled her timing on the show. Moreover, Farago “probably wouldn’t have done the show” if they had told her the truth. In a February 23, interview with the Viall Files podcast, the reality star unveiled a lot of facts.

Francesca Farago was misled about the terms of the show 

The Too Hot to Handle alum said, “I was told that we would not be sharing rooms with men. I was told it would be girls and boys, separate houses. So, I was like, ‘Perfect, I’ll do it.’ But I’m not going to do it if I’m having to share a room because I had to do it with my ex on a show and I regretted it.”

Moreover, she continues, “When the rules were dropped that we had to match up and go sleep in the same bed, I bawled my eyes out for a day. All that wasn’t shown.”

She also told host Nick Viall, “It was really uncomfy. I don’t think a lot of people were comfortable with it and a lot of people didn’t know that that was the fact when they left for filming.”

The reality star also talked about the scene after a pair matched up. She revealed, “Usually a cameraman would follow you and then would just watch you either talk or make out if people were making out. But usually, people weren’t making out.” 

Farago also talked about her relationship with TikTok boyfriend Jesse Sullivan. As she said, “He’s definitely the one, 100 percent. I wanted to be engaged yesterday. It was originally going to be a huge surprise—the ring was gonna be a surprise, the day was gonna be a surprise—but I want to have a say.”

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